(BCN) — U.S. Rep. Ro Khanna, D-Fremont, hosted a roundtable with fast-food workers and the Service Employees International Union Local 521 in San Jose on Friday afternoon to discuss the fight to pass Assembly Bill 257 in California. The legislation, which passed through the state Assembly and is awaiting a vote in the state Senate, would bring together a council of fast-food workers and restaurant franchisees to discuss and address issues facing workers such as health and safety standards, wage theft and other workers’ rights.

Khanna, who represents the 17th congressional district covering parts of Alameda and Santa Clara counties, attended the roundtable at the SEIU Local 521 office, where fast-food workers from across California spoke out about their experience in the industry. AB 257, also called the Fast Food Accountability and Standards (FAST) Recovery Act, is also being supported by Fight for 15, an organization started nearly a decade ago that championed the increase to a $15 minimum wage in California six years ago.

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