Pass AB 257
The FAST Recovery Act

Even before the pandemic, California’s half a million fast food workers faced an industry rife with wage theft, sexual harassment, discrimination, violence in the workplace and health and safety issues. The COVID-19 pandemic has exacerbated many of these issues and workers’ demands for more power in the industry have become more important than ever.

AB 257, known as the FAST Recovery Act, will guarantee California fast-food workers the ability to shape industry-wide workplace standards and give them the power to hold corporations accountable for sticking to those standards.

What does the FAST Recovery Act do?


What does the FAST Recovery Act do?


Gives Workers a Seat at the Table

Create a statewide Fast-Food Sector Council, which would include worker, government and industry representatives, to set minimum health, safety and employment standards across the California fast food industry

Good for Business,
Good for California

Ensure that franchisees can provide good jobs with benefits without being undercut by corporate franchisors

Join the growing number of racial and economic justice groups, faith-based organizations, community leaders and labor unions supporting AB 257.