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“Before giving birth to my baby boy, I worked while I was pregnant, standing very close to my co-workers in the restaurant. Our managers never gave us masks, instead they gave us dog diapers to wear. I worked next to people who I later found out had COVID-19. That’s why I decided to go on strike and haven’t returned and am afraid to go back because management still doesn’t follow the rules.”

Marisela Ramos, San Jose

“Our coworker died on Monday after coming to work severely ill for a week, with symptoms consistent with COVID-19. And now I have symptoms of COVID-19.”

Yolanda Santiago Garcia, los angeles

“The workers who came to work sick did so because they were told by managers that they could not stay home. In one case, a worker felt so sick at work she asked to go home early and was told no. It has always been true at this store that if you take a sick day without a doctor’s note, you will be written up, including during this pandemic, including if you have COVID-19 symptoms, even after so many other McDonald’s have had outbreaks.”

Watch Oralia´s video testimonial here.

Oralia almaraz, san josé

“After a coworker got sick with coronavirus last week we called on McDonald’s to close the store and pay us to quarantine. THEY WOULD NOT DO IT.”

Bartolome Perez, Los angeles

At my restaurant, things haven’t changed very much since the pandemic started. When I go to the bank, everyone in line has to stand six feet apart, everything is spaced out more than usual, and masks are required. But when I go to work, the only thing that’s different is that there’s a sign from the Health Department on the front door. Hardly anyone even wears a mask or gloves.”

Gladys Lopez, Milpitas

“We have been told to try and clean more, but we have not been given detailed instructions for how to sanitize high-use areas.”

Alejandro Matias Martin, los angeles

“We’ve been working non-stop since the pandemic started. They tell us we’re essential because we serve meals to hundreds of families every day, but they don’t treat us like we’re essential. Our management tells us how important we are, but when we ask for sick time, we can’t get it. We aren’t treated with the same respect that other essential employees get.”

Maurilia Arrellanes, Saratoga

“My daughter who also works at McDonald’s] told her manager…that she didn’t feel OK and needed to go home, and he said,“Wait. I don’t have people. Stay until other people come in and then you can go.”

Maria Rivera, los angeles

“We have problems with running out of supplies. This kind of thing is not treated like an emergency that needs to be resolved right away.”

Ronaldo Zepeta, Los Angeles

“On November 5, 2020, Jack In The Box fired me because I followed the doctor’s quarantine order and I did not come back to work while still sick. Jack In The Box also did not pay me quarantine pay or sick pay, even though I requested it. About a month ago a coworker tested positive for COVID-19 and the manager hid the case and did not notify or quarantine any coworkers.”

Watch Araceli’s video testimonial here.

Araceli Landaverde, Milpitas

“Most of the people I work with, including my supervisor and the store manager, don’t always wear masks while working. They sometimes take them off while cooking and even when talking to customers.  They’re not taking our temperatures at the beginning  of our shift.  I’m afraid of getting sick and my family sick including my parents, who are older and my daughter who has autism.  I can’t even hug her when I get home from work because I’m afraid of contaminating her.”

Mysheka Ronquillo, Los Angeles

“I mostly work the drive thru where I’m having to take on another job of enforcing customers to wear masks. A lot of customers get mad when we tell them to wear a mask; insulting us, spitting on us and one even threw a cup at me. Managers don’t help or support us. I’m not only afraid of getting sick on the job, I’m now afraid the next attack could be even worse.”

Lizette Aguilar, Los Angeles

“My supervisor called me and told me that my coworker Sonya had tested positive for COVID-19 and is on a ventilator at the hospital. McDonald’s does not know how to track contacts and determine who really ought to be quarantined and who can come back to work.”

Angelica Hernandez, Los Angeles

“We do not have enough masks.”

Karigme Aplizar, Los angeles

“I had heard from coworkers last week that people at work were getting sick with COVID-19 and I started worrying about myself, too, and I saw that one of my daughters who lives with me was coughing a lot, so I got tested on November 29 before my shift. I found out November 30 that I was positive for COVID-19. Now there are five of us in my household who have tested positive (me, my son, my daughter and two of my grandchildren); another daughter has a suspected case of COVID-19 with symptoms including cough, headache and loss of sense of smell; and several other family members are waiting for test results. This is devastating for my family.

On November 30 I told Doris the store manager that I have COVID-19, and she told the store supervisor, Maria Santiago. Maria Santiago called me and asked me where I got the virus. I said maybe I got the virus at home but maybe at McDonald’s, because I am the one who cleans everything. Maria Santiago said to me, “Why do you say you got it at work? We don’t have anybody with symptoms at work.” Both Doris and Maria Santiago told me there is no one at work who is sick with COVID-19.”

Imelda Rosales, Los Angeles